My Everything

Romans 4:24 ” But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead:”


It is great to worship the Lord on Sunday, but it is even greater when we serve Him Monday through Saturday. Many walk straight on Sunday but their walk seems crooked the rest of the week. The Lord is seeking dedicated servants, who will willfully follow Him.

It ought to be the great care of every one of us to follow the Lord fully.We must in a course of obedience to God’s will and service to His honor follow Him universally,without dividing. Uprightly, without dissembling; cheerfully, without disputing; and constantly, without declining, and this is following him fully. A disciple of Christ is one that gives up himself to be wholly at Christ’s disposing; to learn what he teaches, to believe what he reveals, to do what he commands, to avoid what he forbids, to suffer what is inflicted by him or for him, in expectation of that reward which he hath promised. Such a one is a disciple of Christ, and he, and none else, is a dedicated Christian.


This thing is solely about Jesus and Him alone. Everything that we are is because of Jesus; all that we have is from Jesus. He is everything that God had to say to man, all that He needed to give to man; and in him is everything man needs to say to God. Jesus is all in all.