Greater Than Mothers Love

Song of Solomon 3:4 ” It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had brought Him into my mothers house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me”.

I truly believe the best years of my life was spent in the arms of another mans wife. She loved me like no other. She took care of me and for me, even to the changing of my soiled diapers. I wanted so much to hold to her at every turn, for she was just that good to me. Yes the best years of my life was spent in the arms of my fathers wife, she was my mother, and until I met Jesus I didn’t believe any one could or would love me better. But I found out that Jesus loves me so much that He died that I might love Him.

When you truly come to know Christ and enter into a personal relationship with Him you then truly become aware of just how much He loves you. You grab hold of Him and you can’t help but to share Him with all you see. See the love of Jesus creates in our hearts a love one for another. When He lives within our spirits, His mind is our mind, his will is our will, and he is seen by others in all that we do. But first we must seek Him. The writer says “I found Him”; I a man, found the Lord of Glory; I a slave to sin, found the great deliverer; I, a child of darkness, found the light of the world; I the uttermost of the lost ,found my Savior and my God. Now I hold Him; Holding Him by not offending Him. First by being lazy, when the soul turns sleepy or careless, we tend to put Christ away. By beholden to Idols, for you can’t serve two masters, nor hold on to two things. By being unwilling to be sanctified, or dwelling in an unholy house, we must remember to take Christ home with us, and let Him rule the house. If you only walk with Christ at church and never take Him home, you will soon part company with him forever. So hold on to Him and share Him with all.

When you diligently search for Christ in your heart, he shall be found, but then you must hold to Him by learning of Him, by loving Him, by obeying Him. Build a personal one on one relationship with him, then share him. Bring him to your house, not in word only but let others see him in you by your actions, and attitude , and take rest in His arms as you enter His peace.