Told Me To Run On

Galatians 5:7 “Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth”?

We should always admit and praise that which is good that you may effectually rebuke the evil. Paul did not hesitate to praise  the Galatians and say,” ye did run well”. It brings great joy to Christians to see others running this race well. We to must run on the right road, straight forward, perseveringly, at the top of our pace, with our eyes on Christ. It is great grief to see the many who are hindered or lead off the road. The way is the truth, and the running is obedience. We are hindered when we cease to obey the truth. It will do us good to check and see who and what has tried to hinder us in our race.


This Christian race is by no means easy. We are hindered in running the race which is set before us, because of our sinful nature still remains in the holiest of us. The entanglements of the world, like heavy or tight fitting clothes, hindering the runners ability to run. Our weakness and infirmities, wear us out, because the race is long and the road can get rough. Some are to busy, they run around to much to run this race well. Some run to fast at the start and are soon out of breath. We have fallen off in the areas of  reading God’s word, and family prayer. We have lost God’s word in the mist of various other books about the bible that seems to occupy so much of our time, we find no time to read the truth of the bible. Many have read biographies, and commentaries written by religious leaders and famous preachers, but have never read the biography of Jesus Christ, the bible. Many are hindered by the many worldly friends in our lives, none can help us in this race but those who are themselves running it; every one else is a hindrance. When a Christian forms a intimate relationship with a ungodly person, from that moment all progress is at a standstill. See the ungodly person is going in a different direction, so to walk with them you must turn from the direction of God.

A man’s course in religion may often seem to be right and progressive, but the undercurrent of his besetting sins is driving him contrary to where he is striving to get to.  Let us run on to the end.