Betrayed;Soldout and Abandoned

Luke 22:21″ But,behold, the hand of Him that betrayeth me is with me on the table.”

Have you betrayed the Lord? Have you sold Him out and abandoned Him at a time when truly a witness was needed? We all like to think we have never and will never do what Judas,Peter and the other disciples did on the night the Saviour died.But if we look closely at our lives we will find that we have been guilty of one if not all these acts at one time or another.

How many time have we chosen financial gain over bearing witness to the power of God.How many times have we had the chance to tell someone about the good news but chose to be quit instead?How many time have we been with the crowd and did what they did instead of standing for what we know to be right or godly? See Jesus said “if you deny me before man I will deny you before the Father” How many times have we denied the Lord in our daily life and conversation.Jesus knew these things would happen,that is the reason He came and died,but we must be honest with ourselves so we can change that which is unpleasing to Him.

Jesus said the hand of him that betray(eth) me,meaning continues to betray Him.We all are guilty of this let us be mindful of who we are and whose we are, that those who are following us won’t be tripped up and fall along the way.Let us worry less about hurting feeling and fitting in and be more concerned about winning souls.Jesus died to save souls,tell the good news