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Denied When A witness Was needed

John 18:17 “Then saith the damsel that kept the door unto Peter,art not thou also one of this man’s disciples?He saith, I am not.

How many times has this happened to you, you’re in a position to bear witness to Christ and you let the pressures of whst is around you to cause you to deny Him.Here we have a cowardly denial,of both the world and Peter.Peter was innocently questioned by the door keeper. Peter denied any association with Jesus. Peter made an attempt to be known as one of the crowd. He joined the crowd, standing around with the many, joining in their activities and conversation.

Too many today deny being associated with Christ. People see us in church or associating with other believers, and when we are asked, we deny any association to Christ. We deny him in the way we live our lives, our love for one another, in our ability and willingness to forgive one another, and give to one another. We deny him on our jobs, at school and in social functions. At the time when a witness is needed many deny Christ in an effort to fit in or be accepted by the crowd, or to hold to a loved one, to keep a position our for a self serving purpose. We deny Him by not learning His doctrine, and by not proclaiming His teachings, we may not verbally deny Him as Peter did, but we deny Him in our actions. The worlds religion allows man to be as he is, do what he wishes and still feel acceptable to God. Just think for a moment! How few religions, how few churches, how few preachers and teachers proclaim the true doctrine of Jesus Christ, and how many of us are willing to hear and accept the truth of His word. When we are confronted with the truth, we say “you are judging me”. We hold to false fables that “God isn’t through with me yet”, although Jesus said from the cross “It is finished”. So few are willing to sacrifice their love for the world and all they have to stand with Jesus, and so we deny Him when a witness is needed.
When we deny Christ we deny the lost the chance afforded us, to know Christ and have a chance at salvation. How can we truly say we love one another, yet deny each other Christ. How can we say that we love the Lord with all our heart ,soul and life, and yet let His blood be trampled under foot, for when a witness is needed, when we need to stand up and speak for Christ, we sometimes hide in the crowd and deny Him.

My Everything

Romans 4:24 ” But for us also, to whom it shall be imputed, if we believe on him that raised up Jesus our Lord from the dead:”


It is great to worship the Lord on Sunday, but it is even greater when we serve Him Monday through Saturday. Many walk straight on Sunday but their walk seems crooked the rest of the week. The Lord is seeking dedicated servants, who will willfully follow Him.

It ought to be the great care of every one of us to follow the Lord fully.We must in a course of obedience to God’s will and service to His honor follow Him universally,without dividing. Uprightly, without dissembling; cheerfully, without disputing; and constantly, without declining, and this is following him fully. A disciple of Christ is one that gives up himself to be wholly at Christ’s disposing; to learn what he teaches, to believe what he reveals, to do what he commands, to avoid what he forbids, to suffer what is inflicted by him or for him, in expectation of that reward which he hath promised. Such a one is a disciple of Christ, and he, and none else, is a dedicated Christian.


This thing is solely about Jesus and Him alone. Everything that we are is because of Jesus; all that we have is from Jesus. He is everything that God had to say to man, all that He needed to give to man; and in him is everything man needs to say to God. Jesus is all in all.

Will You Stand With The Lord?

Exodus 32:26 “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp,and said, Who is on the Lord’s side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him”.

Much like Israel many today have rebelled against God’s word, making gods of the riches of this world which they have begun to worship. They profess the Lord as long as His ways don’t interfere with their desires. Here the people began to doubt the Lord and made themselves other gods to worship. Moses appeared among them, and in great wrath threw down their idol and rebuked Aaron. The people were awe-struck by the presence of the servant of the Lord, and sought their tents, except for a number who chose to be bold in their defiance. Moses, feeling that this great rebellion must be crushed and punished, called the faithful to his standard, and those who came were of the tribe of Levi.

All true men ought to decide, because there is a major conflict going on inside each of us. A battle that we must fight with daily, and all who remain neutral will be subject to the wrath. The conflict; belief in God or Atheism; the truth of the scripture or falsehoods of mans imagination.The  gospel versus superstition; Christ versus self-righteousness; the commands of God or men pleasing; and holiness and right against sin and oppression.These are conflict which we face daily and sometime hourly, will you deny Christ at a time when a witness is needed for fear of standing alone. Will you make a decision from the heart and stand boldly with the Lord even if it means standing alone. Will you profess openly and loudly your alligence with the Lord?  When you do all to stand, will you still stand?