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Follow The Good Shepherd

John 11:27 “My sheep hear my voice,and I know them,and they follow me:”

Yes Jesus loves me; He is the good shepherd who laid down his life for the sheep.But the fact that he is the good shepherd, means there are some bad shepherds out there.The world has shepherds ,who have no love for the sheep. They don’t pray for them, they prey on them.They don’t feed them, they feed off them, they are the bad shepherd.God has given us a shepherd to protect and lead us,who has inspired and strengthened countless Christians throughout the years, to continue their journey up the narrow road.In a world full of flashy signs, misleading many to travel down the broad road of material pleasures and innumerable pains, it is easy to forget that we have a shepherd who calls us to follow him to “High Places.” Too many loud sounds and too many beckoning voices compete with His words that speak to both our hearts and minds.

What must we do?First, we must step back from our engagement with the world.Then we must fall on our knees and listen only to our Lord. Finally, we must follow His lead.We cannot do this once a year, occasionally,or every once in a while,and hope to find ourselves someday at those High Places with Him.The enemy is not going to stop because you decided to make Jesus your choice. Everyday we must deny ourself, take up our cross, and follow the good shepherd. It has to be more than just a daily routine.Our following Him must be a committment, a constant and integral part of our lives. Christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life, it’s what we’ve become, not what we do.When we are born again,hearing His voice becomes the natural thing to do, and we will recognize His voice more easily each time He speaks to us.

Our shepherd loves us and want to take us to High Places, but He won’t drag us there.And we can’t get there just because we wish to be there.No matter what they thought,believed,or wanted, when the flood came, all outside the ark drowned.Are you on the outside of the Ark?We must listen to Him, and we must obey His directions,and follow Him, for He alone is “The Good Shepherd”.

Called To Be Holy

Thessalonians 4:7 “For God hath not called us unto uncleanness,but unto holiness”.

“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”This quote has become a common catch phrase among believer.Anyone can grow up in church or hang around church people and pick up church language.”I’m too blessed to be stressed”.”I’m saved,santified,and filled with the holy ghost”. Does the public and private life of a believer reflect his or her church jargon, or are these just catchy phrases used to cover up ones short commings?

God is calling us to be holy as He is Holy.God speaks to us in various ways, and he is calling us to stand up in the holiness of his darling son he sent to die that we might live. Perhaps we’ve heard the still small voice of his spirit directing our spirit.Or maybe our conscience has screamed at us when we’ve headed toward something we know isn’t pleasing to God.Maybe some instruction in God’s word has hit us squarely between the eyes when we’ve needed it most.The timely conversations with the other Christians that brings us a needed word of encouragement,direction,or warning.God is speaking to us,calling us to holiness.But are we listening?Sometimes we’re so busy with us,we don’t stop long enough to acknowledge or absorb what He’s saying to us. At other times we may not want to hear what He’s saying because it dosn’t fit in with our agenda at the time.Or we may just not take the time when we have it, because we’re “not in the mood” to spend time with God.(let us be honest with ourselves)

Hopefully,though this isn’t the norm for us.As Christians we should long to hear from God and approach Him with a heart that is eager to listen and please him.But it can be a battle to fight against our own self as well as the pull of the world’s demands pressing in on our time and attention.That why we must learn to set aside some quiet time everyday (maybe 2 or 3 times a day) just to spend with God in prayer and meditation.Time set aside to listen to his instructions.The time of day we do this is not as important as having the readiness of heart and mind to not only receive what God is telling us,but also to obey what he tells us.

God is calling us to holiness, the word says “be ye Holy as I am Holy”, but we’ll need to be listening in order to hear His call.Jesus said that those who follow Him should live in such a way, so that others would see their good works and glorify God in Heaven.So our holiness is more than just a matter of personal spiritual growth; it’s a matter of honoring God and proclaiming Him to the world.To most of the world we are the only way they will see God. Are you an accurate reflection of our Saviors? Does your actions, attititude, and way of life ,show our Fathers characteristics? Will you answer God’s call to Holiness?

Blessed To Bless Others

Genesis 45:7″And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth,and to save your lives by a great delieverance.”

We were all called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light.All of us were at one time a prisoner, caught up in the of the wiles of the enemy.We were all sold into the bondage of sin, by the lust of the flesh,lust of eye and pride of life.But thanks be to God that he blessed us with salvation through the death of His son Jesus Christ, that we might lead others to the light of His salvation.We have been blessed to bless others.

In our story today Joseph was made head of all Egypt.A journey that started when his brothers, out of envy,sold him into slavery,and ended with him being a father to Pharaoh,lord of his house and ruler throughout all the land of Egypt(vs.8).But God didn’t do all of this for Joseph, for him to be a big shot,no God blessed Joseph that he might be a blessing to others.That he might use his position for the glory of God.God didn’t reveal Himself to us so that we can sit high and look low,He didn’t deliever us that we might wear important titles,sit in the high seats of self-righteousness.No God saved us that we might reach back and lead someone else to His light. God revealed the dangers that lied ahead to us that we might tell others that are lost in darkness that there is a famine coming, and only those who are here in the care of the Lord shall be saved.God blessed us to bless others.

God gave us His only begotten Son that we might have a right to everlasting life.We owe it to God to share the good news of salvation to every creature,to let our lights so shine that man will glorify God and lost soul might be saved.Let us recieve the Lord and be blessed,and share the Lord and bless others.


1John 5:11″ And this is the record,that God hath given to us eternal life,and this life is in his Son.”

John declared that our faith in Christ is the victory that overcomes the sinful influences of the world. And then,as if to test his readers’ comprehension of that statement,he asked,Who overcomes the world? John immediately answered his own question:only the one who believes that Jesus is God’s Son.

No other agent or formula defeats the sinful influences we face. Only Jesus faced them, and overcame them all.It is only when we acknowledge our own helplessness and place our confidence in the sufficiency of Christ’s victory, that we have victory over sin.We may try other means,such as will power,accountability, support groups, human thought, or philosophy, rituals,or routines, disgust for the sin, or shame and guilt. We may even find that some of those things offer limited success in helping us curb certain behaviors or keep them in check temporarily.But it is only through faith in Christ, and a total surrender to Him, that we can be tuned in to his will,our mind can comprehend His thoughts, and our actions become joyful acts of worship.

If we are believing in and relying on anything but Christ’s victory to overcome sin ,our efforts are doomed.It is good for us to examine ourselves periodically to be sure that our faith is not misplaced. What a relief it is to know that the hard part of overcomming sinful influences has been done for us by Jesus’ life, death ,and resurrection.To remain in His victory,we need only to hold confidently to God’s provisions for us in Christ.Faith in Christ includes an understanding of who he is and a reliance upon him for salvation and an overcoming lifestyle.Through this kind of faith believers experience victory over the sinful influences of this world.