Daily Archives: March 23, 2013

Sold Out

John 13:18 “I speak not of you all:I know whom I have chosen:but that the scripture may be fulfilled,he that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me.”

Here we have a picture of betrayal and apostasy,of a man who turns away from Christ to the world,and this should be a strong warning to every man who professes to follow Christ.When any man betrays the Lord, the Lord’s heart is cut to the cord because a soul is being lost.Jesus desire is that none be lost and it truly hurts when one turns from Him to the things of this world.

Now understand, Christ did not choose Judas,but Christ did draw Judas; he did move upon Judas’ heart to quicken his mind.He did stir Judas to understand that Jesus was the Messiah,the son of the living God. But Judas rebelled against the drawing power of Christ and rejected the quickening power of Christ. When a person betrays Christ and begins to live in sin,he shows that he did not truly respond to the movement of God’s spirit within his heart.He exposes his true unregenerated nature.The betrayer eats with Christ,yet his heel is against him.Judas ate with Christ,he was a friend of Christ, he didn’t hate Him;he cared for Christ.He on many occasions walked into the house of God with Jesus and had close fellowship with Jesus.Judas was His follower, a choice disciple, yet Judas lifted up his heel against Jesus.Judas true nature exposed itself, one of disloyalty;as he forsook Jesus;of contempt, as he rejected Jesus,and one of betrayal as he turned his back on Jesus.When a witness was needed,he sold Jesus out, choosing the things of the world(money,recognition and power),over the salvation of the Lord.

Have you betrayed the Lord? Have you walked with Him, supped with him,went into the house of God to fellowship with him, only to sell him out for the things of this world.Have you discounted his word in search of power, prestige or a position in the church.Have you replaced soul saving with money making as the purpose for your walk with him.Have you raised your heels against the Savior of the world for personal gain?