Daily Archives: March 13, 2013

Jesus!All I Need

Judges 9:9 “But the olive tree said unto them,Should I leave my fatness,wherewith by me they honor God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees?”

This story teaches us that temptations will come to us all,however sweet, or useful, or fruitful,even as they came to the fig,the olive, and the vine.These temptations may take the shape of friendly honors; if not a crown,yet some form of preferment or power may be the bribe.The trees were under God’s government and wanted no king;but in this story they “went forth”,and so quitted their true place.Then they sought to be like men,forgetting that God had not made them to be conformed to a fallen race.Revolting themselves, they strove to win over those better trees which had remained faithful.No wonder they chose the olive,so rich and honored; for it would give their kingdom respectability to have such a king;but the olive wisely declined,and gave its reason.

The question to be asked,”should I”,many to obtain a higher wage have left holy companionships,and sacred opportunities for hearing the word and growing in grace.Many have lost their sabbaths, quitted a soul-feeding ministry,and fallen among worldlings,to their own sorrowful loss.Such persons are foolish as the poor Indians who gave up gold for beads.To gain riches at the cost of your soul is always a curse. To increase your business so that you cannot attend week night services,is to become really poorer;to give up heavenly pleasure,and receive earthly cares in exchange is a sorry trade.Don’t get so caught up that you think the calling and vocation to which God has called you to is a small insignificant calling, God’s will is the best calling you can have,to be faith to it is better than any treasure the wold could offer. God often places great blessing in little things,after all it just take th efaith the size of a mustard seed to open all th eriches of heaven.

In our story a set of trees wanted a king and they went to the olive tree seeking a king,but the olive tree was content with the position which God have given it,to be honored and serve both God and man so the olive tree turned down the request and instead chose to be content with God.We too are in a position to serve both God and man ,let us be content with God and wait on him to give the increase.