Daily Archives: March 12, 2013

Jesus Jesus Jesus

Isaiah 45:22″Look unto me,and be ye saved,all the ends of the earth:for I am God,and there is none other”

In this day of I, me,and myisms,the concept of God has taken on many different forms,shapes,and meanings.In a era of religious rights and freedom, you can talk about and worship openly any god, but the true and living God.In our christian nation we live in,Christ is not welcome in our schools, courts, government funded programs, and on any given sunday he might not be welcome in his own church house.In a country which has laws protecting gay rights, civil rights,womens rights, animal rights, gun rights, and criminal rights, it still is not politically rights to profess Christ openly in public.

God is real and it is time for the redeemed to say so.We sometimes try so hard to please the world, that we get caught up in its confusion, adopting it’s ways, and we begin serving and worshiping it’s gods. This brings about a suffering due to sin. But the good news is with all we’ve done,even though we sometimes turn from the real God to worship idols,God comforts us through his word,as he lets us know he hasn’t forgotten us.He let us know that he is still good ,still God and still saves as he still sits upon the throne.Look to Him when you are feeling down and left out.Seek Him if you are lost in a world of darkness.Hold to His hand if you feel yourself falling into the grips of sin.He is God and there is no other.

God has always had a plan of salvation, a way to deliever us from the bondage of our captivity. A way to repair the broken relationship between the creator and his creation. God says assemble yourselves and draw near, and return to me.We must turn from our ways to draw near to God. God is both a just God and a perfect savior, for all who comes to him. God wants us to come to him, for there is none other like him,look to him in faith, look away from all the pretenders in our lives and fix our eyes,and the desires our heart on the true God.Seek him out, look to him and be saved. Look to the great “I AM”