Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

Let Your Light So Shine

2Timothy 1:6-7 “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God,which is in thee by the putting on of my hands, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear;but of power,and of love,and of a sound mind”.

Saints we must be mindful not to quench the spirit, instead we must learn to stir it up, it is in us.Gods spirit is like a coal in a dying fire, we must stir that coal and fan that flame that we become truly on fire for God.Too many have neglected the gift and caused the gift of God’s spirit to grow cold. This can cause one to wonder away from the will of God. How can we maintain the courage, strength and the love God gives us through his spirit, how do we stir up God’s spirit with in us?

Paul tells us to “Take up the whole armor of God, that you be able to stand in that evil day”.See saints satan will do all in his power to discourage us, to induce us to become disillusioned and afraid, and to abandon our confidence in God.We must Stand fast in the truth we have learned,(that is why Bible study is so important), concentrating on living righteously regardless of circumstances.Saints we should not let our circumstances determine if we are Christ like or not, you’ve either been born again or you haven’t.We also must be active in doing our part in furthering the spread of the true gospel, never losing sight of eternal life as our goal and using God’s Word as the sword that cuts through all deception.We were given a duty, to proclaim through word and deed the good news of the gospel, and no matter what the situation is we should use it as a opportunity to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.(no matter what they did to Paul, he used it as a chance to preach the Gospel).

But equally important is that we pray in the spirit on all occasions.With this in mind, we must be alert and always pray for the saints. Our ability to stir up God’s spirit within us and remain spiritually strong and active depends on how much we truly rely on God. One of the main keys to keeping the working of God’s spirit active and stirred up in our lives, is keeping our minds on the big picture of what God is doing.If we make it about us,dwelling on ourselves and our own problems we become far more vulnerable to Satan’s negitive influences.We must see ourselves as part of a great work that God is doing, and remember it is not about us,but about our Savior and his ability to save the lost. It is important that we keep our confidence in God alive and active, so Jesus said “a man ought to always pray”, it is through prayer that we are able to draw near to God, and thus keep his spirit stirred up within us.