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The Night The Rocks Cried Out

Matthew 27:51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom;and the earth did quake and the rocks rent;

The night they crucified the Lord was one of the most herrific events in human history.The God we claimed to love so much hung on an old rugged cross by the very people he came to save.What a display of love,for even as he was dying a death of such agony,His love for us was so deep He said “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.And then the rocks cried out.

Jesus said the rocks would cry out for us if we held our peace.Here is the Saviour of the world,the Son of God Himself, and yet we refused to acknowledge His person.And while we mocked and ridaculed Him, the rocks cried outbecause of Him.The temple veil was rent and the earth did quake. Shaking with such force the dead was awakenand their graves were opened.The rocks were rent,like the tearing of the hard hearts of those who would not profess Him causing the centurian to confess “surley this was the Son of God.”

As the resurrection Sunday approaches let us remember all that Jesus went through on that night.The suffering,the rejection,the denial,the mocking ,and the beating.He endured it all just for you and I. He stood in and accepted for us,our judgment and punishment, so that we could have a right to the tree of life. Let us now shout out to a dying world that Jesus is The Christ the Son of the living God,that all can hear and be saved.Don’t let the rocks cry out for you..

Betrayed;Soldout and Abandoned

Luke 22:21″ But,behold, the hand of Him that betrayeth me is with me on the table.”

Have you betrayed the Lord? Have you sold Him out and abandoned Him at a time when truly a witness was needed? We all like to think we have never and will never do what Judas,Peter and the other disciples did on the night the Saviour died.But if we look closely at our lives we will find that we have been guilty of one if not all these acts at one time or another.

How many time have we chosen financial gain over bearing witness to the power of God.How many times have we had the chance to tell someone about the good news but chose to be quit instead?How many time have we been with the crowd and did what they did instead of standing for what we know to be right or godly? See Jesus said “if you deny me before man I will deny you before the Father” How many times have we denied the Lord in our daily life and conversation.Jesus knew these things would happen,that is the reason He came and died,but we must be honest with ourselves so we can change that which is unpleasing to Him.

Jesus said the hand of him that betray(eth) me,meaning continues to betray Him.We all are guilty of this let us be mindful of who we are and whose we are, that those who are following us won’t be tripped up and fall along the way.Let us worry less about hurting feeling and fitting in and be more concerned about winning souls.Jesus died to save souls,tell the good news

Thank God For Jesus

Psalm 107:1 “Oh give thanks unto the Lord,for he is good:for His mercy endureth forever”

God is good,there are truly no words that can express just how good God is.He is so good that while we were yet sinner he commendeth His love toward us and He sent Christ to die for us.Jesus the died for the ungodly, Christ died to save sinners.

We must thank God for Jesus.Now I am not talking about lip service,but thank God for Jesus by living a life before men that will lead a lost soul to the salvation of the Lord.By living a life worthy of the name which we bear.Say thank you by being obedient to His word.Say thank you by having love for one another.Say thank you by esteeming others higher than yourself, by being a living sacrifice,by laying down your life that a lost soul might live.Thank Him for His mercy,for we deserved Hell,but His mercy offers us a chance to live in paradise.His mercy forgives us our sin,looks beyond our faults and shortcomings and provides our every need.

Man was destined for death, destruction and Hell when God took the best of Him and wrapped it in the worst of man, and sent Jesus His only begotten Son to suffer bleed and died that we might have a right to the tree of life.Jesus God’s mercy which endureth forever, offered to lost man that we might become the sons of God.Let us thank God for Jesus.

A New Attitude

Colossians 3:10 “And have put on the new man,which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him:”

Jesus said you must be born again if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven.Many have professed this new birth but yet still carry the traits and charactistics of the old man.When a man is born again he is different from the first,yes there will be times when the old man and his ways might show up, but it should be the exception and not the rule.

In our story today Paul reminds us that we are dead to the old man, we have put off lying,anger,wrath and the deeds of our old self.We have put on the new man who is in the image of our saviour,and we are to put on as the elect of God,mercy,kindness,humility,patience,meekness,and above all things love.How can we profess to be Christ like,and born of His spirit ,yet have no resembalance of His person or character.If you being born of your natural father, have some of his characteristics should we also, being born of the spirit of our heavenly Father, also have and show His characteristics?

If you are going to profess to be a child of God, let us make sure we are showing this dying world the characteristics of God.Let us share the love of God and walk in the ways of God, that all who see might come to know that Jesus is the Christ the son of the true and living God,and believe in Him lies the salvation for all who believes.Let us truly live the life we profess.Let us have a new attitude,one of our heavenly Father.