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Called To Be Like Christ

Thessalonians 4:7 “For God hath not called us unto uncleanness,but unto holiness”.

“You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”This quote has become a common catch phrase among believer.Anyone can grow up in church or hang around church people and pick up church language.”I’m too blessed to be stressed”.”I’m saved,santified,and filled with the holy ghost”. Does the public and private life of a believer reflect his or her church jargon, or are these just catchy phrases used to cover up ones short commings?

God is calling us to be holy as He is Holy.God speaks to us in various ways, and he is calling us to stand up in the holiness of his darling son he sent to die that we might live. Perhaps we’ve heard the still small voice of his spirit directing our spirit.Or maybe our conscience has screamed at us when we’ve headed toward something we know isn’t pleasing to God.Maybe some instruction in God’s word has hit us squarely between the eyes when we’ve needed it most.The timely conversations with the other Christians that brings us a needed word of encouragement,direction,or warning.God is speaking to us,calling us to holiness.But are we listening?Sometimes we’re so busy with us,we don’t stop long enough to acknowledge or absorb what He’s saying to us. At other times we may not want to hear what He’s saying because it dosn’t fit in with our agenda at the time.Or we may just not take the time when we have it, because we’re “not in the mood” to spend time with God.(let us be honest with ourselves)
Hopefully,though this isn’t the norm for us.As Christians we should long to hear from God and approach Him with a heart that is eager to listen and please him.But it can be a battle to fight against our own self as well as the pull of the world’s demands pressing in on our time and attention.That why we must learn to set aside some quiet time everyday (maybe 2 or 3 times a day) just to spend with God in prayer and meditation.Time set aside to listen to his instructions.The time of day we do this is not as important as having the readiness of heart and mind to not only receive what God is telling us,but also to obey what he tells us.

God is calling us to holiness, the word says “be ye Holy as I am Holy”, but we’ll need to be listening in order to hear His call.Jesus said that those who follow Him should live in such a way, so that others would see their good works and glorify God in Heaven.So our holiness is more than just a matter of personal spiritual growth; it’s a matter of honoring God and proclaiming Him to the world.To most of the world we are the only way they will see God. Are you an accurate reflection of our Saviors? Does your actions, attititude, and way of life ,show our Fathers characteristics? Will you answer God’s call to Holiness?

The Truth Will Make You Free

John 17:17 “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth”.

God’s promises are sure.God’s commitment to allow a new generation to inherit a land he had promised them was a solid agreement.The disbelief of the older generation did not hinder God’s faithfulness to carry out His promise he had made to their fathers.He had given this land to His children back in the time of Abraham and Jacob.Before the foundations of the world, he promised us everlasting life with Him ,and now it is time for us to lay claim to it.

The Canaanites were a formidable enemy,However God said “Israel you will drive the canaanites from the land. He assured Joshua” I will be with you”.The presence and power of God guaranteed the land was theirs, it wasn’t Joshua’s wisdom, militaries abilities, or strategies.It was in the truth of God’s promise, and the power of His word that brought this to pass.Sin also is a formidable enemy,it uses various weapons to defeat us in this present life.Through the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life, we are often defeated in our quest to live holy unto the Lord.But God’s word has already given us the victory,we just have to do like the children of Israel and step out in faith and lay claim to everlasting life with our Savior.In His word he tells us “He has power over all flesh”. His word tells us to be of good cheer ,”He has overcome the world”.His word tells us that those he has been given he has lost none. And His word tells us we have a new life in Christ,as we have died to the ways of the flesh and the old man.Like with Joshua, he gave us several resources to help lead us to the promised land.

He gave us a clear set of instructions that we must follow to be victorious.He told us to always pray.You can’t give in to the temptations of this world if you are always praying.He told us to esteem other higher than ourselves.It is hard surrender to the lust of the flesh if you always have anothers best interest at heart.He told us to love one another like Christ loved us, thus always making a sacrifice of yourself for the salvation of others.He then gave us a promise ,that if we followed His instructions we would be rewarded and would have everlasting life.He promised to be with all the way.And God told us to be successful we would have to be strong, courageous, and have the determination to follow the path He has laid out for us.Jesus Christ, the way laid out by God that we must travel, Jesus Christ the word of God made flesh, in whom we have the victory.

Caring For Others

John 13:14 “If I then,your Lord and Master,have washed your feet;ye also ought to wash one another’s feet”.

We are servants of the Lord,no matter what title or position we hold in God’s Church, we are but servants to do His will and carry out His commands.The position you hold or the title you give yourself does not free you from the work in which we have been called to do.We are the feet washers of the Lord. The head is responsible for the caring for the feet.
Jesus tells his disciples that if He being Lord and Master wash their feet, then they to have to wash feet. Now he is not telling us that we must literally go out and wash someones dirty feet, but we who know the Lord is responsible to share Him with a Lost world.We are responsible to look after and care for those who are less fortunate.See somewhere the message got twisted, the Church leadership looks for the congregation to serve them when we have been put in the position to serve the congregation.Jesus the great head of the Church is the example, he laid down His title and took on the position of a servant that God’s will be done,and we are to follow His example.He came to serve,He washed feet,He fed the people,He gave freely of that which He had to all who had need. He sacrificed that others might have. The Son of God became the son of man that the sons of man might become the Sons of God,and we who have be chosen to lead and teach His people, should be able to lay aside our titles and positions and become feet washers so that a lost soul might be saved. He didn’t chose us so we could be important, but that we might serve and be willing workers in the vineyard.
Now I’m not saying,your calling isn’t genuine, that is something each of us will have to answer to God about,what I am saying is regardless of your calling or title, we were called to do a work.The work of all who were called is to lead a lost world to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.We are to provide for and care for those who Christ shed His blood for, that the lost might to enjoy the salvation of the Lord. No mater what you call yourself, let us be careful to wash the feet of the lost souls of this world.

I Won’t Turn Back

John 6:66-67 “From that time many of His disciples went back,and walked no more with Him.Then said Jesus unto the twelve,Will you also go away?

“No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God.”For which of you,intending to build a tower,sitteth not down first and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it.Who hath believed our report?And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?Have you truly counted up the cost?Do you believe? Will you go on with Jesus regardless of the suffering that comes alone with the journey.Will you continue on, when the road gets rough,when your friends turn their backs on you.Will you stay the course when you find that you might not get rich,or that you might have to let go of some of the material things in your life,will you go back,and walk no more with him.

Here in this chapter of John we have what can be called the revelation of Jesus Christ. Jesus reveals who he is,why he came, and our work in this great plan of salvation.Since the fall of man ,it has always be about reconciling man back with God.From Noah’s ark,to Joseph in egypt,to Moses leading the children of Israel from Egypt and even Samson’s battles, were all about the salvation of mankind. Here in the story we have a great multitude following Jesus.All who follow Jesus are not Follwers of Jesus. Are you following him, or a follower of his?Many followed Jesus seeking the miracles he preformed and the food which they ate.We have many today seeking Jesus for material and worldly possessions and not for the salvation of their souls.Jesus reveals to us our work in this great plan, he took the loaves Blessed it then broke it and gave to the disciples, who then distributed it among the people.Jesus then instructed them to gather up the fragments that none be lost. See Jesus came that none be lost,he has given us the blessed word of God, for us to take out and share with a dying world, that none be lost.We are then to take up the fragments of broken lives, and lead them to Jesus.Then Jesus will reveal who he is, that they might eat of his flesh and drink of his blood and enter into the kingdom.

Jesus must live on the inside of us, he is the living word by which we shall have everlating life. He is the abundant life promised us by Gods word. God never promised us big cars, fancy houses, large bank accounts, he never said the road would be easy, a narrow uphill road is never an easy road especially when so many are bumping into you on their way down.But what he did promise is that he would never leave you nor forsake you, and life more abundantly.What can be more abundant than a life lived in the arms of our savior.Jesus is asking you “Will you go away?”