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He’s Waiting

Joel 2:12″Therefore also now saith the Lord,turn ye even to me with all your heart,and with fasting and with weeping and with mourning:”

There is a feast prepared with the bread of heaven,so let us gather all those we can, and bring them into the house of the Lord;and cry unto the lord”spare thy people O Lord and “Forgive us for we no not what we do.Let us come together, all the people, and hear what thus saith the Lord;for the Lord says “Turn to me”.

There are many going the wrong way,doing the wrong thing,following the wrong leaders,and traveling on the wrong road.Many on the broad road,yet Jesus said narrow is the way.God says turn, turn from our wicked ways,just turn and turn loose.Let go of the earthy and grab hold of the heavenly. Don’t just turn your head giving the appearence of change,you know walking different but still going in the same direction.Let us turn our hearts with weeping and mourning,rent our hearts like it greatly grieves our souls to have sinned against God,rent our hearts, as we desire to never do it again.Rent our heart not our garments, make this an inward commitment and not an outward show.Rent our hearts, and turn to God with fasting,not the commitment of doing without meat for a day,but the commitment of doing without sin for a lifetime, as Jesus told the lady go and sin no more.Crucify the old man and his ways, walk in a newness of life.Turn and fast,as to fasten to him,and fasten on him,like jacob holding on to the angel,and refusing to let go,as our blessing are in holding on to God.Fasten on to him with true devotion and loyalty,hold fast weeping for the wrong we have done to him,and the shame sin has brought to us, his beautiful bride.Hold on and wait for our change to come.

God is waiting with His arms stretched out,waiting on us to return to our first love.Let us come back to God.Repent and become an accurate reflection of the one whose name we bear, that we might truly lead a lost and dying world, to the salvation of the Lord.Let us lead in truth ,teach in honesty,and reprove in love,for our Fathers desire is that none shall parish.Reach out in love to save the souls Chirst died for,pray for the lost, be a living sacrifice,and lead one back to God, that we might truly be Christ like……..

Rejoice In The Lord

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord alway:and again I say,Rejoice”.

When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we put all of our faith and trust in Him.In doing so, we should be accepting life, the good and the bad,as it is handed to us.However,we may still find ourselves broken and beaten by hard times instead of rejoicing in the belief we have in Him to bring us through those times.We may find ourselves worrying about the things we need, rather than trusting in his continuing provision for us,as Paul obviously did.A non-believer does not rely on support from the Lord to get through trials and tribulations. However, we as believers,have professed that we are putting all faith in Him.So why is it that we sometimes do not practice this belief? We attend church and bible study,but we may still get easily discouraged with our daily challenges instead of continuing to be encouraged by our relationship with God.

God’s sovereignty, is available during any type of circumstance for the believer.To rejoice during troubled times is to tap into that sometimes inexplicable peace.Like a troubled child who wants to crawl into mom and dad’s bed during a thunderstorm,the Lord is near to those that are troubled.When we are anxious, it is generally about something that has yet to happen.The anxiety stems from circumstances that are beyond our control,or as a result of our own negligence.But those of us who trust in the Lord, should cast all our cares upon him, and leave them with Him.Then we should accompany this action by giving thanksgiving and prasie,so we’re putting thing into perspective,trusting that it is alright already. Then the peace of God will fill our hearts during these troubled times.

Just as he made a commitment to us, we have to continue to hold up our end of the bargin.How do we convience non-believers of his love and faithfulness, if we are not exuding His joy and peace during difficult situations? If we have truly put our faith and trust in Him, we would just put the worry, fear, and negativity all in His hands.We can mature personally and spiritually if we draw closer to Him and turn over our troubles to Him.Letting our troubles go also frees up our time and energy,allowing us not only to grow in our walk with him, but also to minister to others who may not yet believe.As we find peace and joy in our lives,others will want to learn how to live in complete joy and peace.Rejoice I say, for God is always good.

A New Walk

Galatians 5:25 “If we live in the spirit,let us also walk in the spirit”.

Living our lives with the Holy Spirit in control will bear wonderful fruit:The fruit of the spirit such as,love,joy,peace,patience, kindness,goodness,faithfulness,gentleness,and self-control.Also, in order to show the fruit of the spirit, we need to help others and not be judgmental toward each other.The Holy Spirit will help us do this because we cannot bear His fruit without His help.

With the spirit’s help, our desires and passions should change from the natural desires Paul talks about to become instead what the Lord wants for our lives.We can get to the point where we will desire obeying God over sinning.This is not easy,but when we follow the spirit’s lead,good fruit will be produced.This is what the fruit of the spirit will produce in us.If we surrender ourselves to faith in Christ and His Word, the fruit will grow and stay in our lives.However ,fruit is not something that Christians “work on”, it is what will grow in our lives when we choose to submit to the spirit.If all the fruit is not in our lives,we are not surrendering everything to the spirit.If these qualities of the fruit are not ours,we know we are not following His lead.The fruit describes what a christian’s character eventually should become.The fruit of the spirit is holiness being developed inside you.It is something you are,not just something you do or think.It is not about doing good deeds to show God what good children we are;this is a way of living that genuinely flows from our changed hearts.

Every day we are challenged to live as our old sinful selves or to live by the spirit.The more we live by the spirit,the more we show the fruit of the spirit and produce fruitful lives that will lead others to Christ.

Behold Our Salvation

John 1:29 “The next day John seeth Jesus comming unto him,and saith,Behold the lamb of God,which taketh away the sin of the world.”

This is what God did to secure forgiveness for us once and for all.A way made be right with God.It starts with Jesus’ execution. He was lifted up in the same way that the snake was lifted up on a pole in Moses’ day so that the people could look upon it and be forgiven for their sins.He was disfigured and marred beyond recognition.Jesus allowed his body to be crushed, ripped and torn,tearing down the wall separation which is the flesh.He was sent to bring redemption to the world,yet He was despised and rejected by men, he was one from whom men hide their faces.

Jesus mission was to remove the sins off the backs of men and put them on His own.He took upon himself the punishment we deserved for our sins,and he suffered on behalf of us,suffering that included being whipped all night long by a band of soilder, he was spitt on, slapped with an open hand, mocked and pierced in his side.He endured the excruciating pain of his execution knowing that his death would result in spiritual restoration, and in some cases physical healing, for those who put their trust in him. All of us are sinners,and all are in need of spiritual redemption.Jesus secured that redemption with the shedding of his blood,for without the shedding of blood ,there is no remission of sin.

Jesus didn’t open his mouth and complain about his treatment, although by many standards he was treated unfairly.Like a lamb being led to slaughter,he yeilded to his fate without resistance. He was the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Jesus was God’s sacrificial lamb, a lamb slaughtered on the altar as an atoning sacrifice. He was also the scapegoat, the one who separates sin from the sinner so God can look at us sinners and see us as sinless.Because Jesus took on the sins of all mankind and was sacrificed on our behalf, God’s demand for justice was satisfied.Now he sits at the right hand of God, where he intercedes on the behalf of all believers, when the enemy makes accusations against us.What was needed to purchase redemption for man was done through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, where he bore our iniquities, and poured his life out unto death to secure forgiveness.”behold the love of God!Behold our salvation.