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Let The Son shine In

Matthew 17:1-2″And after six days Jesus taketh Peter,James,and John his brother,and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,And was transfigured before them:and his face did shine as the sun,and his rainment was white as light”.

As we embark on a New Year let us allow the Son of God to shine in our Lives.Let us be a accurate reflection of God and His love to all in darkness,by allowing His light to shine so bright on the inside that a dying world can see on the outside that Jesus is the Christ ,the Son of the living God.While we dress up and look like christian, go to church and be around christians,taking part in religious activities to act like christians, let us be sure the Son can be seen in your life. Let us walk so the world will look at us and see the Son of God shinning in our life.Don’t let overcast and weather conditions, determine His visability in your live.

See we can block out the Son with the overcast of un Christ like behavior, and the cares of this world. We can over shadow him with self, not sharing him with those that are in great need of him.He can feel left out as we sometimes choose not to wait upon him.He is sometimes invisible in our life due to a lack of knowledge as to who he truly is.See we sometimes forget that he is a way out of no way, that he has all power in heaven and in earth, so when we find ourselves in certain situation we forget to lean and depend upon him. He said “Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.So how can we let the Son shine in?

Walk with him in faith, hold to him in hope and share him with others in Love.Jesus separated himself from the world,and with his inner circle,went upon a moutain top where he begin to shine,as who he truly was,was revealed to them. Let us allow Jesus to take us and our inner circle,Faith ,Hope,and Love,above the cares of this world,that he might reveal himself in our lives, and watch him shine. Let this be part of our New Years resolution..Let the Son shine in!

Suffer The Cross-Receive The Crown

Matthew 10:38 “Ye that taketh not his cross,and followeth after me,Is not worthy of me”.

Before his cucifixion,our Lord has a foresight of it,and does not hesitate to realize himself as bearing his cross.With equal prescience he foresees each true disciple receiving and taking up his own personal cross.He sees none exempted.Picture a procession led by Jesus bearing His cross,and His disciple making up a cross bearing train following behind Him.This is a real march of suffering which reaches through all time.The chief requrement of a disciple is to follow Jesus in all things,in cross-bearing as in all else.We can’t rejoice with the risen Lord if you are not will to suffer with the crucified savior.

Cross-bearing is trying,laborious, sorrowful, and humiliating,but it is inevitable to all who will follow Jesus.We are bound to take up our own personal cross,I can’t carry yours and you can’t carry mine.Your cross might be giving up certain pleasures or indulgences,or any thing that might hinder your walk in complete obedience with Christ.Be it to live in poverty to proclaim the good news to the less fortunate, or enduring hardship and punishment for the good of others, what ever your cross, you must take it up voluntarily and follow Christ.We are to deliberately take it up,not to choose a cross,not to make your own cross,not to complain about the cross given you,not to faint under it,fall beneath it or run from it, but to patiently endure it ,for Christ is carrying the heavy end.

We ought to be thankful that we only have to bear it,and that it dosn’t have to bear us.It is a royal burden,a sanctified burden,a sanctifying burden,a burden which gives communion with Christ.Let not the righteous dread the cross,for it will not crush them:it may be painted with iron colors by our fears,but it is not made of that heavey metal;we can bear it,and we will bear it right joyously,for the reward is glory.No Cross no Crown…………

Into Temptation

James 1:14-15 “but every man is tempted,when he is drawn away of his own lust,and enticed.Then when lust hath concieved,it bringeth forth sin:and sin,when it is finished,bringeth forth death.”

God wants to live among His people,but sometimes we don’t want Him around.(let us be honest)See sometimes do to our fallen nature their are lust and desire we chose to surround ourselves in, that keeps God on the outside of our lives.Sin doesn’t rush in and over take us,it is first a simple suggestion,then it becomes a strong imagination,then a delight,then it is accepted.In other words, sin at first does not necessarily appear disgusting to us.In fact sin frequently fascinates us and appeals to our fallen nature. Unless we immediately flee from it, we can easily slip into the darkness of sin.We must reconize it for what it is, a rebillion against God.

Despite God’s faithfulness to His people,time and time again, we turn away from him and worship and serve the Idols we have built in our lives.We reject God and embrace the lust of the flesh and the worldly desires that appeal to our carnal nature.Though the Idols and the packaging of sin may appear different than it did to the Israelites,its basic nature is still the same.Sin can hide itself so that it becomes so beautiful to look at, so wonderful to touch, and so sweet to taste, yet the end there of is still death. Idols today are still made of wood,stone,and metal, but we call them houses, cars ,money, and the biggest Idol is the god we’ve made out of flesh, ourself.As the writer of Hebrews said, its always tempting to “enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season”. In many forms and guises, sin still allures and entices us and charms us to do its bidding, by offering to satisfy desires that are pleasurable to us, but violate God’s truth and commandments.

Once sin has won one victory in our lives, it will be even more persistent in securing greater victories. Therefore, we give it power over our lives every time we surrender to it, until sin no longer has to hide its true hideous nature.But by then we are already firmly locked in its grip.Let us not dabble in sin and slip into darkness.But if we find yourself in the darkness of sin ,remember Jesus the light of the world, will save you from the grips of sin.

It’s Not About You

Philippians 2:21 “For all seek their own,not the things which are Jesus Christ’s”.

WIIFM “What in it for me”We as children of the most high God have to come to a few realizations before we can effectivelly walk this journey we have embarked upon.The first is this life we now live is not ours.The souls we are to lead to Christ He paid for,and the church we are members of belong to Him.We are just tools He uses in His garden of salvation,unworthy earthen vessels chosen to carry His precious word through out a dying land that all might live.

The word of God tells us this life we now live in the flesh,we now live through Christ,it is not us who live but He now lives through us.We have no say so as what we will or will not do.We are His servant, He is the master we are His bond servants.It is not about our will,our wants or even who we are.It is not about our salvation but the Savior who saved us all.They are not our souls we were told to compell to come to the Lord.It is not up to us who is or is not worthy to hear the good news.Jesus said go out and proclaim it to ever creature.Just like we don’t know who is going to hell,we also don’t know who is going to heaven,regardless of how many tickets they have in their hand.Jesus told us to proclaim the gospel to every creature.It is not our church,or even our ministry,we are just ministers in the ministry of Christ. We are members of the Church of the living God.Jesus said” upon this rock I build MY Church”, not your church or your ministry.We don’t even have a say as to where in the body we want to be,for He says “God has placed each member,everyone of them in the body where it pleased Him”.

When and only when we truly come to realize this is about Christ and Him crucified,when we come to the knowledge that God didn’t leave any part of salvation up to us for He said “you didn’t choose me,I chose you”,cause we didn’t have enough since to choose Jesus, we said give me Barabas.But we were chosen for His will,out of His goodness and to serve His purpose.So let us remember the true JOY of salvation “Jesus-Others-Yourself”,and let us stand united as the redeemed of the Lord say so.