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Too Much Me,Myself,And I

Philippians 2:21 “For all seek their own,not the things which are Jesus Christ’s”.

WIIFM “What in it for me”We as children of the most high God have to come to a few realizations before we can effectivelly walk this journey we have embarked upon.The first is this life we now live is not ours.The souls we are to lead to Christ He paid for,and the church we are members of belong to Him.We are just tools He uses in His garden of salvation,unworthy earthen vessels chosen to carry His precious word through out a dying land that all might live.

The word of God tells us this life we now live in the flesh,we now live through Christ,it is not us who live but He now lives through us.We have no say so as what we will or will not do.We are His servant, He is the master we are His bond servants.It is not about our will,our wants or even who we are.It is not about our salvation but the Savior who saved us all.They are not our souls we were told to compell to come to the Lord.It is not up to us who is or is not worthy to hear the good news.Jesus said go out and proclaim it to ever creature.Just like we don’t know who is going to hell,we also don’t know who is going to heaven,regardless of how many tickets they have in their hand.Jesus told us to proclaim the gospel to every creature.It is not our church,or even our ministry,we are just ministers in the ministry of Christ. We are members of the Church of the living God.Jesus said” upon this rock I build MY Church”, not your church or your ministry.We don’t even have a say as to where in the body we want to be,for He says “God has placed each member,everyone of them in the body where it pleased Him”.

When and only when we truly come to realize this is about Christ and Him crucified,when we come to the knowledge that God didn’t leave any part of salvation up to us for He said “you didn’t choose me,I chose you”,cause we didn’t have enough since to choose Jesus, we said give me Barabas.But we were chosen for His will,out of His goodness and to serve His purpose.So let us remember the true JOY of salvation “Jesus-Others-Yourself”,and let us stand united as the redeemed of the Lord say so.

Lost Head-Surrendered Heart

Revelation 20:4″And I saw thrones and they sat upon them,and judgment was given unto them:and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus,and for the word of God ,and which had not worshipped the beast,neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or their hands;and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

There are many who are lost in the church who truly want so badly to live holy for the Lord.They are lost to who God truly is and what it i she truly requires from us.many try and apease God the way we apease the people in our life.We try to serve, worship and give to a spiritual God with a carnal mind. Until we are willing to give up our head,we can’t fully give God our heart.

The problem is our head,or carnal mind is enemy to God and the spiritual things He stands for.So it seems everytime you want to give God your all, the carnal mind gives you a reason not to.It tells you things like “it don’t take all that” or You don’t have to put up with that” or God understands you are only human” and all these things may be true to the will lust and desires of the flesh and the carnal mind,but they hinder you from giving God your whole heart.We must remember God dosn’t want our things He wants our whole heart.His word says” give me your heart and I’ll give you eternal life”.We must come to the realization that the carnal man has no understanding of the spiritual man.The carnal man can’t understand suffering for another,can’t understand self sacrifice,can’t understand losing your life to save it, or the thought of denying ones self taking up a cross and following a crucified savior.So we must be willing to lose our head and let Christ be our head that we might surrender to Him our whole heart.

In our scripture today, it was those who were willing to lose their heads,to tell the story, to stand bold on Gods word,who refuse to worship, give his mind or the business of his hands to the work of the evil one.It is those that were beheaded and surrendered their whole hearts,who will reigning with Christ.So are you willing to lose your head to surrender your heart?

Wear The Title- Do The Work

John 13:5 “After that he poureth water into a bason,and began to wash the disciples’ feet,and to wipe them with a towel wherewith he was girded”.

You want the title,do the work.In this era of growing titles there seem to be more Chiefs than Indians.It seems that everybody is trying to one up each other.The Pastor is upped by the Bishop, who is upped by the Apostle,who is upped by the prophet,overseerer,the elder,to the point where I’ve even seen some profess to be the anointed one.Now I’m not challenging anyones calling or lack there of ,that is solely between them and God.But if you are going to wear the title, do the work.It is the responsibility of the head to care for the feet,not the other way around.

Now in our story today the disciple were in a heated argument as to who would be the greatest and who would sit where in the kingdom.They got caught up in the ambition for position,power and authority. This had to cut the heart of Jesus, being so long with them and yet they still didn’t understand, to whom much is given much is expected.He needed to get the message across forcibly enough that they would never forget the truth,that they way to glory was through service and not through position and authority. This is what led Jesus to wash the disciples feet.See the head cares for the feet.The greatest is servant to the least.Jesus the Son of God came to serve man.We whom God has appointed leadership have a responsibility to be servants of the Lord to those He died for.We must humble ourselves to meet the needs of others.

This walk is not about us it is about Christ and Him crucified.No matter what title we wear we are still nothing more than a servant of the Lord.Called to proclaim His message, about His salvation, to His people, that all might live with Him in His kingdom.Like it or not, it is not our church, ministry,or congragation, we are just servants in the ministry of our Savior.But if you are going to claim the title,at least do the work….

Bold Faith

Acts 6:8 “And Stephen full of faith and power,did great wonders and miracles among the people.”

Want to see bold effective faith?Look at Stephen, standing to testify to his Lord’s saving grace,not caring what he may gain or lose in doing so.Stephen,filled up and overflowing with God’s grace and power,as he speaks not with self-righteous pride,but with great confidence in his God,and joy in the salvation he had received and having hope his countrymen would open their hearts and receive the good news.

Here we have Stephen,trusting God so completely that he forgets to think about himself,forgets to be afraid of rejection,and is not worried about whether or not his faith is accomplishing anything.He’s just being faithful in his duty,leaving the results up to God.He’s speaking boldly because his faith is more than just a creed,it is his whole life with God,and it fills every fiber of his being.That’s the connection between faith and speaking out boldly.Faith that conveys God’s grace and power doesn’t think about itself and whether or not it’s adequate to accomplish anything.No true faith is so fixed on God and who He is and how great he is that it cannot be persuaded to stop testifying about Him.Authentic faith will always be the outgrowth of a deep,genuine love for God,from whom we receive grace and power to testify about Him.Through our testimony, seeds of truth are planted in the hearts of those who hear and are seeking God.These seeds then convict the heart and convert the soul turning a sinner into a saint.

When we step out in trust,God gives us His grace and power to speak out about Him.As a result of His grace,concerns we might experience for ourselves fade from view.Being faithful to God now motivates us and pointing others to Him become our most pressing business.Boldness rises up in us,and the power of God’s spirit moves in us to courageously speak of Christ and His gospel