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The Whole Truth

Acts 20:27 “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God”.

Paul’s last visit to the church at Ephesus was punctuated with the warning,” Your soul is now in your own hands”…”You have not heeded the Gospel”…”My hands are clean,my conscience is clear”…”I have told you the whole truth without compromise”…….

See Paul had told them the whole truth about the righteousness of God,the love of God, the patience of God,and also the wrath of God,for he had proclaimed to them Christ and Him crucified.He told them the whole truth about sin,it is not a simple error that will be overlooked in ignorance.It has regrets,it is a transgression to the law of God and it breaks His heart.The truth that all sinners are condemed before God.How it destroys body and soul,and it is a condition of man and a act of man.It is an unredeemed condition of the soul, and a willful act of the individual.He told the the whole truth about death and Hell.Death is not the end but it can come without warning.It closes the curtain on God’s mercy, and it can be both physical and spiritual.Hell like death is an unpleasant subject,but rather we like it or not, it is the destination of many because they refuse to submit to the Lord of Glory.

Then he told the whole truth about Salvation,the supreme need of every individual.It is a free gift to all  provided through the love of God.Completed by the Son of God on Calvary.Available only through Jesus Christ. Secured only through faith,and kept by the power of God.Here we have all the truth,what will you do with it?

All In All

Revelations 1:8 “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending,saith the Lord,which is,and which was,and which is to come,The Almighty”.

Jesus is amazing in His power and in His Love.He exercised both perfectly,never flinching and never fighting.He stood His ground,doing everything His Father indicated,but He never reacted in self-defense when His enemies taunted Him.Jesus’ authority and humilty were perfectly attuned to the Father’s heart. It is beautiful and breath-taking when we stop to consider it.What is sobering,in light of this, is that we are called to be like Jesus.We have authority in Him, and yet we are mandated to walk in humility.It’s a call we must take seriously and one we must pursue with care.

His mighty works “what manner of man is this,that even the winds and the sea obey him!” The elements, demons, disease,and even death were subject to the Lordship of Christ.Death had no dominion over Him, who could kill God? Jesus had to surrender to death and give up everything before he could die. He”became obedient[or submissive] unto death”.The world percieved the cross as a moment of weakness when it was actually a temporary surrender of power,without which it would have been impossible for Him to die.

Jesus has all power, but He chose to excercise it in submission to His Father, in humility and Love. Abuse could not provoke Him to abuse His power; abandonment could not compel Him to abandon His humility.It was His love for us and His obedience to the will of the Father that allowed Jesus to lay down His power over death, and in humility, let it take Him temporary captive.He walked in both power and humility with utter integrity, and looked to His Father to show Him how. We must do no less.We must walk in his power to over come sin, and in His humility and love, lead a lost world to the salvation of the Lord

Lip Service

Mark 7:6b “This people honoureth me with their lips,but their heart is far from me.

We have all confessed to be children of the most high God.We talk a great game.We praise Him with our mouth, we say all the right things when approached by those who are lost,and we are quick to give Him a hand praise,but do we give Him a heart praise?Is our worship of Him from the heart, or is it just lip service?
Here Jesus tells us that with our mouth we do praise Him , yet our hearts are far from Him.See we talk one way while our walk leads us in a different direction.We say the right things but we often fall short when we are called to do the right thing.The word say, we must worship God in spirit and in truth, yet we fool ourselves into thinking we are worshipping God, when we are in fact in a carnal state of mind. It seems the things closest to our hearts, are the material things of this world.We have begun to love things more than we do people,spending more time and energy caring and planning for the things of the carnal man than they do preparing for the spiritual man.We might feed the carnal man 3 or 4 times a day while the spirit man is lucky to eat once a week, and then we want to feed him junk food, sweets, stuff that taste good but is not really good for us.Some of us are on a spiritual diet,seeking a low calorie gospel,scared we might become spiritually over weight. Some of us are physical giants,carring around spiritual midgets inside.

We say God is the head of our life ,yet He gets the tail end of our service, the last part of our day and the end of our week end.The spirit man is not concerned about carnal things, no the spirit man is moved by the love shared one to another.Let us surrender our hearts to Christ,spend more time with the spirit man that we might be a better, more effective witness to a dying world,and give more than just good lip service.

In The Will Of God

Genesis 50:19 “And Joseph said unto them,fear not: for am I in the place of God”.

On this road we have been called to travel,there are going to be times when we find ourselves in some uncomfortable situations.There will be times when we will ask”why me Lord” and “why here Lord”. There will be times when we will question and doubt if we are still walking with the Lord.But rather we like it or not, we will endure trial and suffer unjustly on the walk we have embarked upon.Contrary to the popular message being proclaimed today, the pathways of righteousness will take you through the valley of the shadow of death.But fear not, for God is in control.

See here Joseph was a man of great integrity and character.He was one who walked with the Lord.Yet on his journey he was sold into slavery by his own brothers,he was thrown in prision because of a lie that was told on him.But all along the way God was in control.Each trail that came upon him, was preparing him, and elevating him into a position to accomplish God’s will for his life. There are some roads we must travel to get  us to the place God has for us.We must be like Joseph and remain faithful knowing that God is always in control and He always has our best interest at heart.He never promised us a walk through the park,but He did tell us to “be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”, and that he would never leave us nor forsake us.God’s will is that none should perish,so he will use us as He will, to accomplish His perfect plan of salvation.

So when you find yourself in a uncomfortable position don’t focus on you, but look to what it is in the situation that can bring God glory, and salvation to one that might be lost.We must remember it is not about us, or about us being saved, it is about a Savior who can save anybody,we are just tools in His garden of salvation.So when the world put you in a situation intending evil,know that God meant it for good, for we know “all things work together for the good to them that love the Lord,them who are the called according to his purpose.”So rejoice for you are in the will of God.