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Heart Condition

Romans 10:9 “That if thou halt confess with thy mounth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,thou shalt be saved”.

The relationship with God that is of salvation is a matter of the heart, and here in this 10th chapter of Romans it is revealed how a man can be saved from sin and death and be made the righteousness of God. The righteousness and salvation of God is right before man,it lies within his heart and only need be confessed with his mouth.

The gospel demands that man only believes and confesses that Jesus has both died for his sins and have been raised from the dead, for him to have everlasting life with the Father.All that man desires,perfect peace, righteousness,and salvation, are found in mans mouth and in his heart.Man only needs to do three simple things to be saved from sin, death and hell, and enter into the rest of the Lord.Man must confess with his mouth the Lord Jesus.He must confess that Jesus Christ is theLord from heaven,the only begotten of the Father.He must believe in his heart. Believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. He must believe that Jesus died for man,and was raised from death because he perfectly satisfied God’s demand for justice.God was perfectly satisfied with Jesus dying for the sins of man,taking the sins of mankind,and his punishment upon His back, therefore God raised Him from the dead.Man must believe with the heart,and then confess with the mouth as you can’t confess that which you don’t believe.

When we believe with our hearts that Jesus is the Christ who accepted for all mankind the wage paid by sin,God takes that faith and counts it as righteousness.Then the man confesses Christ unto salvation, that is he is saved by openly confessing Christ,no man can deny Christ and be saved by Him.

A Love I Can See

John 12:3 “Then took Mary a pound of ointment of Spikenard,very costly,and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair:and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment”.

There are many who profess a love for God but it can barley seen if at all in their worship or service to Him.Love is an action word and when one loves another, you should be able to see evidence of that love in the actions of the one doing the loving.”For God so loved the world that He gave”…….

Here we have a love that can be seen,a love shown by Mary who loves the Lord with her whole being. Here she is sacrificing all that she is and has ,as out of a pure heart she expresses a repentant love.Mary had critized and accused Jesus of neglecting her family when He didn’t come sooner to save Lazarus, and here she is now repenting of her sins.Her love is sacrificial and costly, in fact it says very costly. Mary is here taking her most precious possession and giving it to the Lord.Her love was a believing love as she believed that Jesus was the Christ, the promised Messiah, the resurrection and the life,and simply put ,Mary is anointing Jesus to show how deeplyshe loved Him and believed Him to be the anointed one of God.He was her Savior,Lord and King.He had done so much for her and her family that she wanted Him to know how much she  appreciated and loved Him.

What is it that we do to show our love and faith to Christ?Imagine how difficult it was for Mary to do what she did in the presence of so many men.She set aside pride and embarrassment in order to show her Love for her Savior.She gave her best possession to the Lord,and publicly showed her love for Christ for all to witness.Have you given Christ your best possession,your life?Is your love for Christ on public display for all to witness? Is yours a love that can be seen?


Refusing to Compromise

Daniel 1:8a ” But Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat nor with the wine which he drank:”

There are many who started this journey on fire for the Lord only to find themselves in a position of compromise.In an effort to fit in, to be politically correct, or for prestige,prosperity and/or power they have given into the temptaions,will and desires of this world.They have compromised their message, their walk and what they once believed in favor of the joys,toys,treasure and false pleasures of this world.They have eaten of the kings meat and drank of his wine.

In our story today,we see 4 who refuse to compromise,they refuse to eat the Kings meat or to drink his wine.We who profess Christ have to be careful that we don’t swallow that which the world tries to feed us.We must continue to feed on the truth of God’s word,and walk in His spirit,even if it means to stand alone.We can’t succome to the doctrine or spirit of this world and continue to profess to be a child of God.The world is enemy to the ways of God.The world’s food allows us to live anykind of way that we want.It say” it’s your thing do what you want to do”, the world is about “me ,myself and I”.The world is selfish,selfrighteous,and self serving.The worlds spirit is one of greed and is uncaring.But we who profess to be children of God, must esteem others higher than ourself; We must be willing to lay down our life for a friend.We must bless others with that which God blesses us with, and live in a way that leads a lost world to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

In these times of the self claimed, self named and the self fame, there is much compromise.Our religious practices has gotten further and further from the word of God.We have allowed the world to dictate what a Christian is and what type of behavior is acceptable to God.The bible says” Jesus Christ the same yesterday,today and forever” which tells me God’s word  has not and will not change.So I ask have you compromised? 

Commitment For Life

Joshua 24:24″And the people said unto Joshua, The Lord God will we serve, and his voice will we obey.”

Joshua didn’t sigh in relief when the Israelites responded to his challenge to serve the Lord and him only.Instead, he questioned them to say,”Do you really mean what you say?”He wanted them to make a conscious decision for God,and he even presented the alternatives so they could make a clear choice. He wanted them to understand this was a commitment for life,and for to them to now the consequences of failing to follow through on their commitment.

This was wise on Joshua’s part. Sometimes people are made to feel that choosing God is simple and easy, so they choose to serve Him,but then wonder if they knew what they were doing.Or they choose to follow God,but then don’t think much about it. They allow their days just to flow without a focus on serving Him.There is more to serving God than spending a couple of hours in a church house on Sunday morning.Those who haven’t chosen to serve God, need to hear Joshua’s challenge.”This day”, right now is the time to choose to follow Him.See this is a serious lifetime commitment, that involves putting Him in charge of your life.Even if we have already chosen to serve God, we choose everyday whether we will honor that commitment in the things we do and say.It is through a heart felt conviction that we will cleanse ourselves of the things in life that might distract us from our committment to God.God has lead us through life and with his shepherd’s rod, he has pulled us out of ruts and fought off the enemy.

God still calls us to follow Him by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.Once we have made that commitment, we must still choose to keep our lives free of those things that can keep us from feeling the joy of his presence, or that divert our attention away from a single-minded devotion to him. This is a commitment for Life.