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Aim High: Look to Jesus!

Psalms 121:1-2″I Will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,From whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord,which made heaven and earth”

Saints we must look to Jesus in all circumstances of our life.It is in him we should look,in him we should trust,and to him we should we sacrifice in in times of uncertainties.The psalmist here says “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills”.

Saints to many are lifting our eyes to the hills and not to Jesus, looking to the elevated high places and the things we have elevated to the high places in our lives,when it is Jesus who saves.(Looking to our Jobs,bank accounts positions and other things we have placed in high esteem in our lives.)Why do we look to the hills, why do we say we are going to look to the hills,it is looking to the hills which has gotten most of us in the situations we find ourselves in today.Looking to the hills have taken our eyes off of God, and his purpose in our life.This causes us to stray to the left and to the right,as we begin chasing the lust and desires of our own hearts,no longer being led by the spirit of God.Sometimes God wants us to go through the valley of the shadow of death, but looking to the high places we sometime feel we are to good or to important to go through the gutters of life,even if it means to save a lost soul.Our vain thinking and need for variety sometimes returns us to the very world the gospel has called us out of,the world of darkness God has delievered us from.Looking to the hill can cause us to become selfish,seeking power, prestige,and popularity,instead of leading a lost soul to the salvation of the Lord.

The psalmist says he “will lift up his eyes unto the hills”, then he ask a question”from whence cometh my help”,He say where does my help come from, is it comming from the idols I have placed in the hills and the high places of life.( The hills and high places was where they placed the false god whom they made sacrifices too.)Saints is our help comming from our Jobs, bank accounts, or friends,the things in our life we often make sacrifices for.Where does our help truly come from? Saints are we worshiping the blessing and not the blessor? He goes on to say my “Help cometh from the Lord”.

Truly the Lord is the salvation of the world.Our help comes from the Lord, it always comes from the Lord.I can’t speak for everybody ,but when I was nothing and had nothing my help came from the Lord. It wasn’t from my job because I had no Job. It wasn’t from my bank account, cause I had no money, It didn’t come from my family cause I had no contact with them,I was homeless and lost in darkness,and my help came from the Lord, Jesus the light of the world, my help from the Lord.So remember to look to Jesus the Christ our help from the lord.

Denied; When a Witness Is Needed!

John 18:17 “Then saith the damsel that kept the door unto Peter,art not thou also one of this man’s disciples?He saith, I am not.

Here we have a cowardly denial,of both the world and Peter.Peter was innocently questioned by the door keeper.Peter denied any association with Jesus.Peter made an attempt to be known as one of the crowd.He joined the crowd,standing around with the mand joining in their activites and conversation.

Too many today deny being associated with Christ.People see us in church or associating with other believers,and when we are asked,we deny any association to Christ.We deny him in the way we live our lives,our love for one another, in our ability and willingness to forgive one another,and give to one another.We deny him on our jobs,at school and in social functions.At the time when a witness is needed many deny Christ in an effort to fit in or be accepted by the crowd.We deny Him by not learning His doctrine,and by not proclaiming His teachings,we may not verbally deny Him as Peter did, but we deny Him in our actions. The worlds religion allows man to be as he is, do what he wishes and still feel acceptable to God. Just think for a moment! How few religions,how few churches,how few preachers and teachers proclaim the true dotrine of Jesus Christ.So few are willing to sacrifice their lives for the world and all they are and have in order to reach a lost,starving and diseased world,and thus we deny Him.

When we deny Christ we deny the lost the chance afforded us, to know Christ and have a chance at salvation.How can we truly say we love one another yet deny each other Christ.How can we say that we love the Lord with all our heart ,soul and life,and yet let His blood be trampled under foot,for when a witness is needed,when we need to stand up and speak for Christ,we hide in the crowd and deny Him. 

Love Me; Feed Them

John21:15″So when they had dined,Jesus saith to Simon Peter,Simon,son of Jonas,Lovest thou me more than these?He saith unto him,yea Lord;thou knowest that I love thee,He saith unto him,Feed my lambs”.

Feed my lambs! these are the instructions given to us by our savior.Those of us who have been blessed to have received the bread of heaven,are now instructed by the Savior to feed his lambs.Jesus has revealed himself to us, that he is the Christ,the son of the living God, and we are now to feed this truth to a lost and dying world.This is the design of his precious Gospel, it wasn’t written for a pastime,nor was it published for a profit, but it was written and published so that man could be brought to Christ.Let the redeemed of the Lord proclaim this gospel message, that all might enjoy the salvation of the lord.We don’t need to dress it up or add anything to it ,the gospel will do what it was desgned to do. It was not designed to feed the flesh of man, but to feed the spirit of man.

Jesus ask Peter if he loved him more than he loved these, and he is asking us the same question?Do you love me more than you love these things,and these people who occupy your life.Do you love me more than your friends, family, and even yourself.Jesus wanted to know the extent of Peters love for him,he wants to know the extent of our love for him.(he knows but he wants to know if we know, are we willing to lose our life to save it.)So he says “If you love me feed my lambs.”

Saints , if we truly love God we should be willing to lay aside our will and petty differences and feed those he died for.Someone shared the good news to us, and we should be willing to share it with someone else.The same gospel which lead us to Christ, will lead someone else to Christ.It is the duty of all who are called of Christ to feed his sheep, to feed them with knowledge,and the truth of the gospel.Feed the with the word of God that they might be wise unto salvation.Feed them, don’t just put something before them and hope they eat,but feed them,those who are to hateful and stubborn to eat on their own. Feed those who are too weak or cannot feed themselves.Don’t feed them the cake and candy messages of today,which will only make them fat and useless,but feed them the meat of the word that they may be thourghly furnished unto every good work.

We might not be able to feed everyone we want, but let each of us just feed everyone we can,and together we will feed the whole world, one lamb at a time.So if you love the Lord,feed his lambs.

The Witness to the Revelation of Jesus Christ

Jesus the Light of the World :The special witness of John the Baptist (John 1:6-8)
   6There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
   7The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.
   8He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.


 There was one person who was a very special witness to Christ,John the Baptist. John’s sole purpose on earth was to witness and to bear testimony to the Light of the world.His purpose stands as a dynamic example for every believer,The purpose of every believer is to bear the same witness as John: Jesus Christ is the light of the world.

1) John was a man sent from God (vs.6)
2) John was a man sent on a very special mission (vs.7)
3) John was a great man but he was not the Light (vs.8)

(1:6) John the Baptist-commission:a man sent from God.(note 3 points)

    a) The man “was a man” and only a man who was born like any other man.
    b) The man ,however,was “sent from God”,and he was sent on a very special mission.We to who have been called of God out of the darkness into his marvelous light,are also sent on a special mission. We too are to bear witness to the light.We were saved to go tell others about the saving power of Jesus Christ.
     c) The man was named John.His name means gracious.He was sent forth with a message that match His message.God’s grace is now to enter the scene of world history. prepare ye the way of the Lord, who is the embodiment of God’s glorious grace.

(1:7)Mission-Witnessing: a man with a mission(2 points)

   a) The man came to bear witness of the Light.He was sent with a very specific message,and that message was to proclaim the Light,Christ Himself.The servant of God is not left to come up with his/her own message.He does not depend on his own reasoning,thoughts or ideals.His message is Christ the light of the world. God’s only message to a dying world.
   b) The purpose of the man’s message is clearly stated:that all men,through Christ,might believe.His purpose was not to start a movement, his purpose was to lead men to believe in the Light.He witnessed and proclaimed the Light that all man might believe.He was sent to focus on people and to lead them to believe in Christ Jesus.
***The servant of God has one primary purpose: to lead men to believe in Christ Jesus,the Light of the world.His purpose is to lead men to believe in Christ Jesus.Everything else is method not purpose.Men have too often confused purpose with method,and the result has been that millions haven’t been reached, and thousands are being decieved by confusing methods of religion with the purpose of God:which is the salvation of man through the belief in his Son.

(1:8) Humility-Ministers:a man who was great,but he was not the Light.John the Baptist was great, Jesus Himself said “Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist”.But he was not the Light,he was to bear witness to the Light.We are not the Light,it is not important that the world knows we are saved,what is important is that the world believes there is a Savior.John’s humility is and example to be followed by all servants of God.For we must decrease while Christ increase.It is not about us and in our witness we must get out of the way so others can see Christ,so they can see the light to which we bear witness.

We must realize that we all were saved for one purpose,to lead others to Jesus Christ.Some lead through the preaching of the word,some by teaching and even others through pastoring.But we all are suppose to lead the lost by walking in a manner worthy of the name by which we bear.