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Repent and Be Saved

Judges 10:15 “And the children of Israel said unto the Lord,We have sinned:do thou unto us whatsoever seemeth good unto thee;deliever us only,we pray thee,this day”.

Repentence Starts with the heart,an acknowledgement of the truth of what we have done and a deliberate turning away from the sin.Then we must make a conscience decision we will love the Lord with all our heart,soul and mind serving Him only.This love will be evident in our obedience to His word,and our love for one another.

Many time we call out to the Lord to save us from situation or a circumstance.We make various promises to God saying if you get me out of this or that I will serve you with all my heart.But once delievered, we often times fall back into the same old routine, once again forgetting God and our promise to Him.In our story today the children of Israel once again turned from God to worship idols,and when they found themselves in trouble they once again cried out to the one true and living God.But this time God told them to call on the god’s they had been serving.But the Children of Israel continued to cry out even confessing their sins,they turn from their wicked ways and was seeking the salvation of the Lord.

A broken and contrite heart the Lord can’t deny;The Israelites put away the forgien gods and turned to the Lord.Like a sensitive mother who can’t bear to hear her baby’s cry, God’s heart melted,He forgave their rebelliousness, and rescued them once again from their enemies.God always hears and responds to repentant people.However the desire of every believer should be to walk closley with God moment by moment,not just in times of a crises.

Prayer Meeting

2Chronicles 20:4″And Judah gathered themselves together,to ask help of the Lord:even out of all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord”.

The sudden news of a great invasion came to Jehoshaphat, and ,like a true man of God, he set himself to seek the Lord,and proclaimed a fast.The people came together with all speed,and the whole nation earnestly cried to the Lord for His aid.

This chapter, which begins with danger ,fear,and trouble all around, ends with joy,peace, quiet,and rest.Two words seem to stand out in this chapter,prayer and praise,twin sisters which should always go together.One word links them here,faith.”Jehoshaphat set himself to seek the Lord”.His good example was soon followed.”Judah gathered themselves together,to ask help of the Lord:even out of all the cities of Judah they came to seek the Lord.”What a prayer meeting, a real one a united one,with a definite object and the king presiding!Notice the prayer in verse (5).It is a pattern one.Jehoshaphat felt his weakness and need;but he recognized that God is all, and over all,and has all power and might.He brings forward every plea and argument.He appeals to God’s power and promises,to His justice and love,and winds up with simple yet prevailing faith in God himself.

We must realize that we are children of the King,let us walk victoriously in faith through prayer and praise,placing all the  responsibility on God,and just look to him,wait for him and know that he will answer.”If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray,turn from their wicked ways ,seek my face then will I hear from heaven and heal their land”.

Prayer Meeting

2Chronicles 20:4

Lean On Me!

Leviticus 4:29a “He shall lay his hand upon the head of the sin offering”,

Here we have an emblem of the way inwhich a sacrifice becomes available for the offerer.The same ceremony is commanded in other verses;it is therefore inportant and instructive.The question with many souls is how to obtain an interest in Christ so as to be saved by Him.There is no question more important to be asked.It is certain that this is absolutely needful; but is has been fearfully neglected by many.Christ death would be in vain if none believed.

The intent of this symbol; it was a confession of sin.It was a consent to the plan of subsitution,as Christ took our place on the cross.It was an acceptance of the victim,for he alone is acceptable to God;and may well be acceptable to us.It was a believing transfer of sin.It was a dependence-leaning on the scarifice for our salvation.The offerer is to come just as he is,and to have the sin removed by the sacrifice.It is not the amount of faith that shall save,jesus said the faith the size of a mustard seed.The salvation come from leaning totally on the power of the sacrifice.The weak hand that grabs hold of Christ ,hold just as much of him as the strong hand,we just need to make sure we grab him.

It is with faith that we take hold of Christ ,but it is with total submission that we lean on him.Come then, dear hearer,whether saint or sinner,and lean hard on Jesus.He taketh away the sin of the world.Trust Him with your sin and it is forever taken away.It is not a matter of what you can’t do,but more of what Christ can do.Die into the life of Christ;let him be all in all while you are nothing at all.Lean on Jesus,he is our strong tower.