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Come Together!

John 7:43 ” So there was a division among the people because of Him”.

Even when Jesus preached so sweetly his meek and loving doctrine there was division among the people.We may not hope to please everybody,however we must be true in our teaching.There will be division among those who do not follow.There will be division of believers and non-believers.There is a difference of opinon.Difference in trust as the non-believer relys on self and the believer trust in Jesus. Difference in love,obidence,character,and language.There is a difference in destiny as one is on the wide road traveling south and the other is going north on the narrow road.

Christ who is properly the author of peace, is, on account of the wickedness of men,the occasion of disagreement.There has never been one who has so deeply moved the hearts of men as Jesus Christ has done.He has changed the course of the world’s history,his teachings are received by the foremost nations of the earth.Millions of people call themselves by His name.For His sake many have lived as no others were able or willing to live before His coming.Yet as much as some love and trust him with all they have,there are many who dispies His name and don’t believe his person.Even though he die for all mankind,many a man will die to everlasting damnation because the refuse to believe.Because of Him many will be divided.The sheep will be divided from the goats, the wheat from the chaff, and the believer from the un-believer. 

The union of the saints results from union with Christ,as the loadstone not only attracts the particals of iron, but it also unites all the particles it attracts to one another.Let us lay aside all that makes us different and that which divides us and come together in the one thing that brings us all together,as jews and gentiles are one in Christ,and believers of all backgrounds make up one church.

Trust God’s Word; It never Fails!

Acts 19:20 “So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed”.

The word Of God; the power of God unto salvation.If we just once again trust in this word like the saints of old did what a wonderful world we would live in.In these times God’s word is so badly needed yet we seem to share everything but the truth and purity of God’s word.We agree and disagree with it as it relates to us and what we are doing or trying to do. If it goes against our agenda’s we don’t want anything to do with that part and will de-friend and remove people from our sights because we’re convicted by God’s word.How can we lead the lost to Christ when we who profess Christ can’t follow one another to his truths.We must continue to share God’s word and  we will see the Word of God grow and prevail. 
The gospel is the same as it ever was,God hasn’t changed.There are still sinners in the world, the sins that need to be overcome are the same, and the Holy Spirit is just as mighty to convict and renew,but we have changed how we share this good news.We must understand it is a blessed time in the soul,a blessed time in the family,a blessed time in the congragation and in the country when the word of God grows mightily and prevails in the hearts of the people.But Faith comes by hearing,and hearing the word of God.But to many are sharing their books, motivies,ideals and philosophies over the truth of God’s word, thus giving birth to so many faithless christians.It is a blessed time when the open sinner is seen leaving his sinful ways and seeking the salvation of the Lord.When men are seen giving up their unholy gains, and changed their lives to follow the word ,will and way of God.When the leaven of the gospel begins to work, there will be no need of  arguments to prove how unworthy it is for a christian to turn to the amusement of the books of the world or those who proclaim the messages of said books.
The grace of the gospel produces a new taste,it alters everything about us,our friends, our pursuits,and even that which we find entertaining.Is the word of God growing amoung us?If not why not?It is a living seed and it should grow,and will grow unless it is hindered or wrapped with the imagination of man.There is no other power in our ministry which will equal that which is produced when one hears the truth of God’s word.If you plant it, it will grow;”So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed”. It won’t come back void! 

Salvation,It is in the Word!

Acts 13:26 “Men and brethren, children of the stock of Abraham,and whosoever among you feareth God, to you is the word of this salvation sent”.

Paul and Barnabas first preached the gospel to the seed of Abraham, but they contradicted and blasphemed, and therefore,in verse 46, we see that they now were proclaiming the good news to the Gentiles.Let all heed to this warning, let us not refuse the gospel and find it taken away from us.Now is the acceptable day of salvation; when you hear his voice harden not your hearts.”To you is the word of this salvation sent”.
What is the word of this salvation? It is the testimony that Jesus is the promised Savior.The word which promises forgiveness to all who exhibit repentance of sin,and have faith in the Lord Jesus.In a word it is the proclamation of perfect salvation, through the risen Savior.It is a word, as being spoken by God,and as being his present utterance even at this moment.It is a word which reveals “the word”, Jesus the living word of God.It is a word of salvation; for it declares,describes, presents and presses home salvation.It is a word sent, for the Gospel dispensation is a mission of mercy from God,the gospel message,Jesus the Messiah,and the Holy Ghost himself is sent to work salvation among men. Will you decidedly and honestly refuse it?Will you delay your acceptance of this Free gift?Will you play the hypocrite and pretend to receive it,while in your heart you reject it.Will you be a tempoary convert, or will you accept the word of salvation with delight?
Jesus Said, ” Preach the gospel to every creature.”But you might ask, shall it be offered to those who crucified him,to the soilder who stuck him in his side.Yes Jesus wants the gospel preach to everyone;the man who put the crown of thorns on Christ head, needs to know that their is a crown of life for him if he repents.He who stuck Christ in the side, into his very heart,he needs to know there is a nearer way to the heart of the savior.No matter how bad we might think they are Jesus shed just as much blood for the least of them as he did the greatest of them, and they deserve to hear the word.”Christ came to seek and save that which was lost”.Proclaim salvation to all, it is the Lord’s will.

Positioned To Be Blessed!

Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”

     I’m too blessed to stress; Blessed and highly favored: these are popular saying we throw around all the time.But are you really blessed? Truly blessed? The word of God says that “Blessed is the man that don’t continue to walk in the advice of the wicked, or stand in the way of the sinner, or sits in the seat of the scornful.See the character and condition of a Godly man allows him to walk in the righteousness of God.

 God knows those that are his by name, but we only know them by character.The character of a Godly man is given by the rules he chooses to walk by and the advice he takes his direction from.The Godly man takes his direction from the word of God,  he meditates on it day and night. This keeps him on the narrow road, the staright path ,so he is blessed not to walk in the ways of the wicked.The ungodly are unsettled, they have no pacific goal or aim, they don’t walk by no certain rule, as they stand for nothing and seem to fall for everything ,thinking they are free, they become slaves to many masters, they are at the command of every lust and the beck and call of every temptation.The Godly man sees them with a sad heart, but he does not do what they do, his character won’t allow him to follow their advise, stand in their unrighteousness or to seek rest in their unbelief. He takes his rest in the word of God, and is blessed with a blessing which flows like a flowing river of water, and in all that the Godly man does, he  prospers.

   So if you think you’re blessed now, just think of how blessed we would be if we meditated on the word of God day and night.If we truly trusted the Lord and loved him with all our heart soul and mind.If we worshipped him with our life and praised him with our living,then we would be blessed and a blessing.When we walk worthy of the name by which we are called,Christians, or Christ like.