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Let God Rule!

Judges 8:23 “And Gideon said unto them,I will not rule over you,neither shall my son rule over you: The Lord shall rule over you”.

When we think of what rules our lives,we think of our habits and passions,which can turn into addictions if we are not careful.Whatever our addictions may be and they can include such things as habitual lying, uncontrolled shopping, constant gossiping, fornication, drugs, and gambling,just to name a few .We must remember that all sins tends to be addictive,and the terminal point of addiction is what is called damnation.

When Israel wanted to crown Gideon King,he refused, and for a while he stayed focused on the right things and told the people”The Lord will rule over you”.Later, however Gideon turned from God’s directions by making a golden ephod, and the people begin to worship it.The lord must be lord of all or he is not Lord at all.Outwardly,we are placing God first when we attend worship on Sunday.But where is He in our life the rest of the week.Does He hold first place in our hearts in all situations and all the time?Does His will rule in our families,our business,and our relationships? What part of our lives and our possessions do we wish to keep under our own control?Although Gideon rejected the title of King, the gold became a snare to him and to the people.

The principles that lead Gideon in the hard times, was lost  during times of great prosperity.We tend to begin to worship the blessing and neglect the blessor in times of great prosperity. Sometimes the blessings God gives us become ephods in our lives,and consume all of our time and energy.See rather we agree or not ” the love of  money is the root of ALL evil”, no matter what the evil ,if you look deep enough ,it is someones love of money that is behind the evil.The faithful child of God should desire the giver more than the gifts.God does not promise to give us all we want, but He has promised to supply all of our needs.Trusting that promise,even in the darkest hour makes him Lord indeed.We must not let the world’s attractions, resources, or philosophies rule our lives, but let God and God alone rule our lives.

It Don’t take Much!

1 Corinthians 5:6 “Your gloring is not good.Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”?

The apostle Paul used the analogy of the effects of a little bit of leaven(or Yeast) in a lump of dough,to illustrate how sin works its way through a community of believers, or any community.It is much like the old saying “one bad apple can spoil the bushel”.It is easy to see how sin works when were standing on the outside looking in.However, when we’re the ones with the bad attitude,the grievance we won’t let go of,or the bad habit we won’t deal with,we often become a fountain of excuses and denials.We may feel we have a right to what we want to do or a responsibility to make sure we’re getting what we deserve. We often feel that it is others who need to shape up and change so we can stop feeling so angry and frustrated.Some think because we attend the church house we have a pass to do all that we want and it’s ok with God.

Often times we seek to hide our guilty pleasures because we don’t want to give them up,and we think God won’t know or that he dosn’t mind,even though  His word tells us other wise.But be warned: if there is known sin in your lives,whether we want to come clean and face up to it or not,we are ,by our own choice,kneading that leaven into our relationships,associations, and communities.Be not deceived God is not mocked,you can’t fool Him who not only see what we do ,but he also sees the motives behind our actions.

So What shall we do? We must take a serious,fearless moral inventory.It is looking at ourselves with a ruthless truthfulness, not a look of self pity, in a self-deprecating way,but a sober,ready to confess,and repent honesty that brings cleansing,forgiveness and healing.Rather than continue to coddle our sins of choice,let us experience the powerful freeing that comes when we set our hearts toward God and decide not to participate in the vary thing which has been destroying our lives.Not matter what it looks like in the begining, any life which has sin as its main character will always end up as a horror show,and it don’t take much.

It’s A Love Thing!

1John 4:8 “He that loveth not knoweth not God;for God is love”.

As John tells us, God is love.Love sums up God’s character,His motivation,how He lives and how He deals with us.He wants us to show love in all our dealings with others reguardless of how they act. According to scripture God expects us to respond to everyone with kindness and gentleness.The godly way of  life begins in our attitude towards others.In every area of life we should treat others with love, kindness,and respect.Respecting, honoring and loving God the Father and His son Jesus the Christ is an essential aspect of our living the way of life God wants us to live.

Yet many professing Christians try to conduct their relationship with God one sided.They expect God to respond with love and respect of their feelings and needs,but they see no need to respond to God with the same honor and respect(as we do to the least of these we do to God).They disreguard His word, spurn His teaching and ignore His commands.They fail to comprehend the mutual obligations that must be present in the relationship God expects us to have with him and with the converted spiritual family He is creating.

Our relationship with God can be compared with a growing family relationship between a father and his children or to an endearing relationship between a husband and his wife.Proper nourishment of this special relationship must involve love,respect, honor,action and effort.Like any relationship, its success also requires a major investment of time.Good communication is also essential to a good relationship, and is needed in our relatioship with God.God speaks to us through His Word, the Holy Scriptures,and we talk to Him through prayer.These communications between God and us should not become a one-way-streets,with us always begging but never listening to His advice or instruction for our life.They must  together become a two way,interactive communication pathway.Prayer must become a regular habit along with searching the scripture to consistently maintain contact with God.This could be compared to two young people in love,conversating often and openly with each other,attentive to every word the other says.God wants us to show our love to him with the same enthusiasm and eagarness to conversate with Him.

Giving:The Way of God!

Romans 8:32 “He that spared not his own Son,but delievered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things”.
Members of the early Church often referred to themselves as those who followed “the way”.Paul refers to their way of life as “the way of the Lord” and “The way of God”.In other words,the early Christians, directly taught by Christ apostles,were recongnized by their deeds and action.The way they lived, separated them from those of the world around them.It was called the way because they lived the way Christ lived.They followed his example,they obeyed His instructions.The way was then,and still is, a way of living and thinking that is different from that followed by those of this world.

When Christ came to earth He explained that this different way of thinking would through the power of the Holy Spirit, produce the fruit of righteous actions and deeds.He taught that God’s way is the way of giving rather than the normal selfish human way of alway getting.The key to living a way of life different from the way of the world is to allow the Holy Spirit to work in us so we think like Jesus Christ. Through His spirit,God not only leads us in a different way of thinking,He helps us change the motivations that govern our actions.This focus on unselfishness rather than the self-serving approach produced by our natural way of thinking brings,in turn a dramatic change in the way we live and everything we do.God ask that we reorder our priorities,allowing his spirit to change our thinking, serving God by doing his will and seeking his kingdom.When we put God first ,he promises to provide ways for us to meet our needs.He will with hold no good thing from us.

Living a godly life is much more than merely calling on God’s name as though that alone will excuse us for doing whatever we please.Living a godly life is doing what pleases God.It is practicing what he commands us, and living a way of life defined by his word.Jesus taught a way of life based on observing God’s commandments from a heart of love that willingly makes personal sacrifices for the sake of others, focusing on giving rather than receiving.A true Christian cannot base his way of life, his new way of living on his own ideas about right and wrong.God’s law and Christ example of perfect obedience to those laws, set the standards for the genuine Christian way of Life.Our new life is based on giving,a free gift given by God to all who will receive it.”For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son”,Giving is the way of God and the foundation of His love to mankind.Let us use this same foundation as we give to a lost world that which God gave to us..Share Jesus with a friend and change a life.