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Is the Son shinning in your life

Matthew 17:1-2″And after six days Jesus taketh Peter,James,and John his brother,and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart,And was transfigured before them:and his face did shine as the sun,and his rainment was white as light”.

Saints,is the Son shinning in your life.With all of the outward signs we put on now a day(The Jesus wear that is so popular today),is the Son shinning in your life.While we dress up and look like christian, go to church and be around christians,taking part in religious activities to act like christians, I ask, can the Son be seen in your life.Does the world look at you and see the Son of God shinning in your life, or is he blocked out with overcast and weather conditions,depending on your condition determines whether he is seen or not.

See we can block out the Son with the overcast of un Christ like behavior, and the cares of this world.We can over shadow him with self, not sharing him with those that are in great need of him.He can feel left out as we sometimes choose not to wait upon him.He is sometimes invisible in our life due to a lack of knowledge as to who he truly is.See we sometimes forget that he is a way out of no way, that he has all power in heaven and in earth, so when we find ourselves in certain situation we forget to lean and depend upon him. He said “Let your light so shine before men that they see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.So how can we make sure the Son is shinning in our live?

Walk with him in faith, hold to him in hope and share him with others in Love.Jesus separated himself from the world,and with his inner circle,went upon a moutain top where he begin to shine,as who he truly was,was revealed to them. Let us allow Jesus to take us and our inner circle,Faith ,Hope,and Love,above the cares of this world,that he might reveal himself in our lives, and watch him shine.

The compassion of Christ

luke 19:41″And when he was come near, he beheld the city,and wept over it”

Compassion, one of the most beautiful virtues of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.A genuine heart felt concern, and deep rooted unconditional love for others.

Here in our story today we have the great ambassordor from heaven,overcome with emotion,as he was making his public entry into Jerusalem.Jesus, on an ass colt,desending down Mount Olive,as he approached the city,when he was come near,he could look down into the city.He could look into the heart of the city,he wasn’t elevated with the applause and acclamation of the people or impressed by the size of the crowd, but when he came near he beheld the city,and seen its impending doom.(Christ looks into the heart of man, not impressed with the hand praise and lip service,not over taken by the size of the congragations,for he sees the impending doom of all who haven’t accepted him as their Lord and savior).The gospel has been preached, salvation has been offered,Yet in the mist of our praise ,many still have not made peace with God.We cry out his name,but many have yet to accept him as Lord and Savior.Many are still blinded by the gods of this world, to the accepted day of salvation.The day you hear his voice, is your accepted day of salvation.

When he was come near he beheld the city with a weeping eye.He wept for the lost souls who continue to live unrepented lives.He approached the city, and his eyes effected his heart, and his heart effected his eyes,and he wept.He didn’t weep because he was betaryed,and sold out by his own.He didn’t shed a tear when they whipped him all night long and hung him on a cross to die, for this reason he came.No he wept because Jerusalem had not made the most of the day.(Saints Jesus weeps now for those who still don’t realize now is the accepted day for salvation).There is still time to repent,yet Christ knows few will make use of it.

He wept at the condition of the temple,once a house of prayer set apart for communion with God,but now has become a den of thieves,greedy of filthy lucre.He wept because if only they had known the things that would bring them peace.He wept because in the day of salvation they harden their hearts.

Yes, Jesus loves us so much ,he weeps for those who has yet to receive his salvation. It is his will that none shall parish, he died that we all might have a right to the tree of life,let not his death be in vain, in your life.
The compassion of Christ, is the Love of God!

Feed my sheep

John21:15″So when they had dined,Jesus saith to Simon Peter,Simon,son of Jonas,Lovest thou me more than these?He saith unto him,yea Lord;thou knowest that I love thee,He saith unto him,Feed my lambs”.

Feed my lambs! these are the instructions given to us by our savior.Those of us who have been blessed to have received the bread of heaven,are now instructed by the Savior to feed his lambs.Jesus has revealed himself to us, that he is the Christ,the son of the living God, and we are now to feed this truth to a lost and dying world.This is the design of his precious Gospel, it wasn’t written for a pastime,nor was it published for a profit, but it was written and published so that man could be brought to Christ.Let the redeemed of the Lord proclaim this gospel message, that all might enjoy the salvation of the lord.We don’t need to dress it up or add anything to it ,the gospel will do what it was desgned to do. It was not designed to feed the flesh of man, but to feed the spirit of man.

Jesus ask Peter if he loved him more than he loved these, and he is asking us the same question?Do you love me more than you love these things,and these people who occupy your life.Do you love me more than your friends, family, and even yourself.Jesus wanted to know the extent of Peters love for him,he wants to know the extent of our love for him.(he knows but he wants to know if we know, are we willing to lose our life to save it.)So he says “If you love me feed my lambs.”

Saints , if we truly love God we should be willing to lay aside our will and petty differences and feed those he died for.Someone shared the good news to us, and we should be willing to share it with someone else.The same gospel which lead us to Christ, will lead someone else to Christ.It is the duty of all who are called of christ to feed his sheep, to feed them with knowledge,and the truth of the gospel.Feed the with the word of God that they might be wise unto salvation.Feed them, don’t just put something before them and hope they eat,but feed them,those who are to hateful and stubborn to eat on their own. Feed those who are too weak or cannot feed themselves.Don’t feed them the cake and candy messages of today,which will only make them fat and useless,but feed them the meat of the word that they may be thourghly furnished unto every good work.

We might not be able to feed everyone we want, but let each of us just feed everyone we can,and together we will feed the whole world, one lamb at a time.So if you love the Lord,feed his lambs.

Will you deny the Lord?

John 13:38″Jesus answered him, wilt thou lay down thy life for my sake?Verily,Verily, I say unto thee,the cock shall not crow,till thou hast denied me thrice”

Saints,the moment we announce alligence to the Lord, the enemy begins his attack on us.As we travel alone on this journey,we will be under constant attack from the world and those of the world.There will be challenges and choices which will ask us the question”will you lay down your life for Christ sake.”(Now I’m not talking about a dead sacrifice, but a living sacrifice.)For every time we go about to do good, evil will always be present.

I ask the question; will you deny the Lord?It is easy while in the comforts of the church house to say “I’ll lay down my life for the Lord,” but when the enemy begins his attack on you, will you still be willing to lay down your life to follow Christ.

On the night when Jesus was preparing to lay down his life to save mankind,Peter claimed to be willing to lay down his life for Jesus.Now don’t get me wrong, it is better to die with Jesus than to live without him,but Peter didn’t fully understand what it meant to lay down his life to follow Jesus.Many today don’t take the time to count up the cost when it comes to following Christ.See it’s one thing to leave the fishing boats to follow Christ, and something totally different to lay down ones life to follow.(It’s one thing to make a sacrifice a couple of hours on Sunday to follow Christ, but can you sacrifice a lifetime to follow him)We must realize there is a wilderness between the red sea and the promise land.There is a great suffering that comes before the promised rest.(You can’t enjoy the risen savior without suffering with the crucified Lord).The truth is some of us will be scared away by the sufferings that lies ahead;many of us will abandon him when the persecution comes.He will be sold out in times of uncertaintee, and he will be denied at a time when a witness is needed.How can we say we will do with such ease, something that the Lord himself struggled with in the garden.So saints will you drink from the cup,will you deny yourself daily and take up your cross, after all Christ carried the heavy end(the end which held death),Will you take up a cross for those who talk about you, spitefully use you,falsely accuse you. Will you love your enemy,will you humble yourself as a little child, and submitt to the will of God.When it’s all on the line, will you deny the lord.

Saints, we all know that Judas sold Jesus out, Peter denied him and the other disciples abandoned him.But are you aware that we to have sold him out,abandoned him and denied him, with the way we sometimes live our life.
Let us remember to walk worthy of the name which we bear, for many are following us,so let us lead them from the darkness into his marvelous light.